Inspired by their mom overcoming a 10 year battle with autoimmune diseases with CBD oil, brothers Chris and Paul Bruno began selling CBD products at farmer’s markets in 2018.  Their success led to the opening of two retail stores at 5328 West Vleit St. and 5632 Parking St. in downtown Greendale.

So many of the health gurus like TV’s Dr Oz and Dr Sanjay Gupta have touted the benefits of CBD which has expanded awareness and understanding. We make no medical claims, but the news, and word of mouth stories about CBD helping reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation, helping children with epileptic seizures, those suffering with Parkinson’s disease, slowing cancer growth, and many other ailments is causing a lot of excitement, and is a source of hope for many with a wide range of health issues.

The market has been flooded by CBD products and it is important to know that you purchase them from a trustworthy source. Our products are third party batch tested by independent labs to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Our oils and topicals are organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Our stores offer a wide range of CBD products including tinctures (oils) topicals, edibles, drinks, bath bombs, CBD vapes and flower, oil and treats for pets, and more. We offer top national brands including Charlotte’s Web and KOI, and Wisconsin based Green Crown.

We are extremely proud of our house brand CBD Cellar. We work with a farm in Colorado for our oil in order to deliver a high-quality oil at an affordable price. Our greatest excitement comes from the success we have had with our new pharmaceutically formulated topical cream, Extreme Absorption, that our customers tell us helps manage pain. Come visit us and we will provide you with a free sample.

The brothers have a vast experience with nutritional sales, marketing, and customer service. They have assembled a fantastic team and have enlisted the services of their parents. Their dad, Dave Bruno with over 45 years of sales and business experience will be assisting in sales and sees the excitement surrounding CBD. “I’ve seen what it did for my wife and my son with type 1 diabetes and I want to have a part in my son’s quest to achieve their dreams.” 

Mom Marlene, who has over over 30 years as an administrative assistant will do what she does best, keeping the business and her men on task. Marlene who has been helped so much by CBD summed it up best when she said “Life gets better when you feel better!

Please come visit us and see what all the excitement is about! And, oh ya, did I mention ask us for a free sample of our transdermal cream Extreme Absorption.